NSYNC is Back on The Billboard Charts After 2 Decades 

The iconic boy band NSYNC has made a comeback to the Billboard Hot 100 after more than two decades. Their latest single, titled ‘Better Place,’ has catapulted them back onto the music scene. This marks a significant milestone for a group that has been on hiatus since 2002.

The last time NSYNC graced the Billboard charts was in 2002 with ‘Girlfriend,’ featuring Nelly, which marked their 13th appearance on the Hot 100. To put this into perspective, George W. Bush was in the White House, ‘A Beautiful Mind’ had just secured the Best Picture Oscar, and the world was still years away from the release of the first iPhone. NSYNC’s absence from the music scene left fans eagerly anticipating a comeback, and over the years, there were occasional glimpses of hope, but now it has finally happened. 

Image Courtesy: Variety 

The occasional reunions for special events, such as the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards and the reception of a Hollywood Walk of Fame star in 2018, kept hope alive. Still, it was the recent presentation of an award to Taylor Swift at the VMAs that rekindled the excitement for NSYNC enthusiasts. The speculation and excitement reached a high with the release of ‘Better Place.’

This new track is featured on the soundtrack of the animated movie ‘Trolls Band Together,’ a film franchise known for its association with NSYNC alum, Justin Timberlake. The movie centers around the reunion of a former boy band, making ‘Better Place’ a fitting addition. Justin Timberlake himself described the song as “a love letter to our fans,” expressing the emotional connection between the group and their dedicated supporters.

Image Courtesy: Forbes

‘Better Place’ was released at the end of September and made its debut at the No. 25 spot on the Hot 100, in no time. This debut equals NSYNC’s highest chart position ever. The group showed their gratitude on Instagram, thanking their listeners for streaming, sharing and supporting their return to the music scene.

The question on everyone’s mind now is whether NSYNC will announce a reunion tour. While no official plans have been announced, the band members haven’t ruled out the possibility. Joey Fatone even encouraged fans to voice their desire for a new NSYNC album, hoping that fan pressure could make it happen. 

Image Courtesy: Rolling Stone 

Hundreds of fans have already signed a petition urging Sony Music and RCA to “Bring Back NSYNC: They’re All We’ve Ever Wanted!” Taylor Swift herself, while onstage at the MTV Video Music Awards, couldn’t contain her excitement and asked the members of NSYNC if they had something in the works. The announcement of their latest single soon after that night confirmed the rumours.

The producer and music supervisor for the ‘Trolls’ film franchise, Gina Shay, received a demo of the song early in the year, which Timberlake initially intended to follow up with his chart-topping hit ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling!’ from the original Trolls film. Afterward, Timberlake felt inspired to reunite with NSYNC for the track, and the rest is history.

-Britney Jones