Indigo 91.9 FM is India’s first and longest running international radio station operating in Bangalore and Goa. It’s a journey that began way back in 2006, as a way of channeling the energy and the passion of the rapidly growing youth population. It is from this passion and energy that Indigo 91.9 FM first emerged in Bangalore to voice the fun and the young. Steadily, Indigo 91.9 FM has found a special place in the hearts of Bangaloreans, and soon, Goans too! From chilling on weekends to being stuck in traffic, Indigo 91.9 FM ensures that you don’t live a single dull moment.

We are more than just a radio station. We represent a unique perspective for those who thrive in the age of being connected and informed, for those who believe in the power of music to bring people together, and of course, for those who wait to hear the latest and the best of international music.

Our journey began long before Indigo 91.9 FM came to fruition in 2006. We found our place as a channel on WorldSpace Satellite Radio, operating on channel BC 1218 as simply ‘Radio Indigo’. While much has changed since then, a lot has stayed the same too. Even in our heydays, we knew what we wanted to do. As a channel, we represented young Bangalores thoughts, interests and musical tastes, something that we do even today. In 2002, we hosted the first of its kind ‘Satellite Dance Party’, as listeners at the event and from all over the country partied to the non-stop dance music being played.

With the second phase of radio licensing, Radio Indigo 91.9 emerged as India’s first international music radio station in 2006. ‘Sunrise’ by Norah Jones was the first song that we ever played on air. That song represented a new dawn in radio programming that we brought about. The people of Bangalore were enthralled. Finally, it was possible to dial a number and request a radio station to play a Justin Timberlake song. Indigo grew to be known as ‘the colour of music’ with a diverse collection of international music playing. Whatever the latest international releases were, we played them first.

However, playing the hippest and the newest international music just didn’t cut it for us. We went the extra mile to ensure that the fun, young people of Bangalore were always on their toes. Over the last decade, we’ve been part of many properties that do so. From hosting India’s first ever Beer Mile to the countless Indigo Jingle Jam contests, and from the Indigo and Blues concert to live music under the northern lights, Indigo 91.9 FM never fails to take you on a journey unlike any other.

In 2014, we decided to take our passion for music even further with the opening of the Indigo Live Music Bar in Bangalore, now called Indigo XP. No two nights are alike at the IXP. You could be witnessing the greatest live music in the city on one night and dancing the night away on another. While music is our passion, just like you, our interests are varied. Through IndigoXP, we explore these interests and create events especially for you. As we explored our interests further, our passion for them grew as well. Gradually, we began to advance into the realm of experiences through IndigoMusic.com. From witnessing the northern lights to watching your favorite international artists play live, IndigoMusic.com ensures you are living, not killing time.

While this may be the ‘About Us’ section, it really is about you. Everything that we do and will continue to do is a representation of your thoughts and beliefs.

Indigo 91.9 FM, the radio station for a fun, young Indian.