10 K-Pop Band Names That Will Make You Say ‘WHAT!’

K-Pop industry is becoming bigger than ever, lately! With bands like BTS, BlackPink, NCT, Loona, EXO and more, you know your playlist screams of Korean music. However, these bands have made an impression on the rest of the world by also being relatable. Be it the songs or even the band name, they’re quite easy to remember, aren’t they?

But not everyone knows that most of your favourite K-Pop music comes from various bands that have names, one can’t understand. No Joke. With strange acronyms and weird band names, you’ll want to provide them with a new name. Hands down!

So, on today’s list, as we celebrate the K-Pop industry, we want to show you the ten bands and their group names which left us to wonder way too much.

(Photos by respective K-Pop band’s Instagram)

K-Pop Band Names That Are Just Too Much!

By: Aatira Kakroo