10 Most Popular BTS Songs: A Full Rundown

BTS' most popular songs

South Korean boy group, BTS, have been enjoying mammoth success with their recent, all-English single, ‘Dynamite’. The track quickly landed a two week-streak atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart rankings.

In addition, its No. 1 score marked the first time a Korean act reigned supreme on the chart. And, also became the second time in chart history that a non-Western act has topped the ranking. Not only that, the song has continued to be on the Billboard chart for eight weeks, now.

And, as the track makes its way to the top of the list on BTS’ most popular songs, the group’s discography is peppered with some stellar successes. Just today, Jimin’s solo, ‘Serendipity’, surpassed 100 streams on Spotify, making BTS the only group in the world with 40 songs over 100 streams.

BTS’ Stellar Discography

So, to celebrate their winning streak, here’s a list of their most popular streams. Create your playlists right now!

Photo Credits: BTS’ Official Twitter

By: Aatira Kakroo