10 Musicians With Their Paw Friends To Make Your Day

As people celebrate Friendship Day around the world with their best friends, we can’t help but acknowledge the deep bond we all share with our pets. From the moment one chooses to invite a furry bundle of joy into their homes, they become one’s closest buddy. No doubt that the music industry is filled with many animal lovers and hence, many pet friends.

The beauty about musicians and their pet friendships are that they’re not just sweet but sometimes very unusual as well. Some of them choose to raise even exotic animals as their pals. Like Michael Jackson, who owned a chimpanzee, named Bubbles or the American rapper, Vanilla Ice who raised a Kangaroo for fourteen years. But on the other hand, there are those musicians who have stuck to having cats and dogs or if they lived in a farm- horses, pigs and goats.

And, like most of us, our artists from the music world also appreciate their pet friends and don’t shy away from posting about them on their social media. So, let’s look at the ten musicians with their paw friends to make your day.

(Photos by respective artist’s or their pet’s Instagram)

By: Aatira Kakroo