10 Things You Never Knew About Willie Nelson…

Willie Nelson, American musician, actor and activist celebrates his birthday today and we thought, maybe we could take you on a thrilling little trail for a peek at some of his wildest moments, over the years. We all know him to be quite a legendary figure in the music industry, but there’s a side to Mr. Nelson that not many are familiar with, and we’re shining the spotlight on just that!

1. Recorded ‘Red Headed Stranger’ for $4000!   

2. Willie got into a gun fight in Alabama

3. Willie survived a plane crash  

4. No pretense, no fluff here  

5. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody, But Did Cost Him A Bunch   

6. I am not a stranger. I am Willie Nelson. 

7. Dennis Hopper is indebted to Willie, did you know?  

8. Farm Aid was co-founded by Willie

9. Willie is a Fifth Degree Black Belt

10. He has his own town in the USA!