Lil Nas X: A Meme Reborn

A newbie to the industry, Lil Nas X made a name for himself in a very short span of time. Over the past year, his tunes have gone on to dominate charts across the globe, he’s landed some stellar features and he’s even managed to score some Grammy wins. If that isn’t proof of great talent, we don’t know what is. But then again, there’s another reason why people have fallen so hard for the young star. And this time, it looks like he’s done it again.

Lil Nas X recently dropped Christmas anthem, ‘Holiday’ complete with a music video that’s all sorts of bizarre. And so, we figured, it’s only right to shower you with all those times Lil Nas X has been a real-life meme.

His social media updates are often the remedy to a bad day, because he might just be the embodiment of every oddball millennial. Not that that’s a bad thing, in fact, it’s also a reason why the artist has amassed such an incredible fan-following world over. His sense of humour and penchant for fever-dream like concepts has bled into his art and honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

So, sit back folks, because we’ve got the remedy 2020 needs.

Photo Credit: Lil Nas X’s Official Instagram

By: Aatira Kakroo