Artist of the Week: Doja Cat

Settling firmly under the artist of the week spotlight this time around is none other than the rising star, Doja Cat. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Doja nurtured her passion for music when she started off by making and releasing music on SoundCloud as a teenager. Cut to 2019, when her second studio album, “Hot Pink” made its landing. It was finally this project that properly put Doja on the map. Since then, Doja has been catapulted to superstardom. She’s nabbed some top-notch collaborations along the way, making her one of the fastest risers in the industry.  The rapper and singer-songwriting has quickly proved the worth of her artistry through her back-to-back hits.

And, while ‘Like That’, ‘Say So’, and ‘Boss B*tch’ continue to reign supreme, there’s more to the star than just a musician who knows what she’s doing. The singer never fails to surprise. And, that fact is only proven by her zany spectrum of fashion moments. From the edgy e-girl to pastel princess, there’s nothing she can’t pull off. So, scroll away and discover every colour of the Doja rainbow.

Photo Credits: Doja’s Official Social Media

By: Nina Karun