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10 Times Katy Perry Got To Us With Her Songwriting

Katy Perry has become one of the biggest names in pop culture. She gained her fame with ‘Hot n Cold’ as well as ‘I Kissed A Girl’ in 2008 and nothing has stopped the singer from touching the sky ever since. The singer and songwriter is the only woman who has been able to release an album with five number one singles on it, she achieved this with her third studio album, “Teenage Dream”.

The ‘Feels’ singer makes sure to please her fans with her music. Katy Perry pours her soul into songs as she writes them. Be it talking about break ups, patch ups, one night stands, self esteem, experimentation, the need of the hour, she has covered it all, in her songs.

She has the charm to take you on a flight to a fantasy world in order to escape your problems. And not only that, she also helps you deal with your reality, through her music. So, let’s take a look at the ten times Katy Perry gave us too much to feel with her songwriting.

(Photos By Katy Perry’s Official Instagram)

By: Aatira Kakroo

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