10 Times Lauv Looked Super Aesthetically Pleasing

With no warning whatsoever, Lauv just dropped a brand new EP titled, ‘Without You’. This one’s been written, recorded and produced entirely in quarantine. The opening track, ‘Dishes’ even received its very own music video.

‘Dishes’ features Lauv dressed in a warm blue sweater, not exactly doing the dishes, but rather, simply dancing in his kitchen. Hot on the heels of his debut studio album, ‘How I’m Feeling’, this one arrives with a similar feel. Speaking of warmth, love and yearning, ‘Without You’ is quite the treat.

But speaking of treats, we’ve got one more lined up for you. In celebration of his brand new EP, we’ve picked out some of Lauv’s most aesthetically pleasing (yes, we did use every millennial’s favourite phrase) pictures, from his Instagram. So, go ahead and dive right in…

Photo Credit: Lauv Official Instagram

By: Nina Karun