10 Times Prince Owned the Stage: A Look at the Icon


Prince lives on as one of the most unforgettable icons of rock music. With his incomparable energy, and unapologetic persona, his identity would go on to inspire a generation of musicians. And while there are those lucky enough to have seen this raw energy first hand, the mega watch party of his “Prince and the Revolution: Live” tour, will offer that chance to many more. 

Marking the first time that it is going to be streamed, the “Prince and the Revolution: Live” has only ever been released as a one-time television¬†broadcast and home video. In partnership with YouTube, Prince’s estate has made it possible for millions world over to revel in the performances of a legend. Among the hits that will be streamed are “Let’s Go Crazy”, “Purple Rain”, “Darling Nikki”, and “1999”.¬†Fans can tune in here on the 15th of May, 4:30 AM onwards.

And as we wait to witness the historic moment, here are some teasers of what’s to come.