10 Times Snoop Dogg Was the Funniest Person Alive

Picture courtesy: Getty Images

Snoop Dogg is a man with many facets. The Long Beach native is an iconic rapper, a movie star, entrepreneur and much more. And, the pop culture fascination with him, for many reasons, runs very deep. Further, making his appearance on the hip-hop scene in 1992, he subsequently shaped much of the music at the time. And, he’s has constantly evolved with the music, making his presence on the scene felt at all times.

And, much to our fascination, Snoop Dogg has carried himself with an unapologetic ease. With witty quips and undeniable humour, the star has been a delightful presence in the public eye. So, now, we’re taking a deep dive into his funniest moments in the limelight, celebrating him on his birthday.