10 Times Tove Lo Was Not Afraid Of Being Herself

These days, announcements are a big thing on social media, with lavish photo shoots and overwhelming message. But it looks like the ‘Glad He’s Gone’ singer doesn’t participate in the hype. Tove Lo shocked her fans when she only shared an Instagram story about being hitched to her partner, Charlie Twaddle. She casually captioned the image, “Oops” as the couple posed with a surprised face.

The singer has always played by her own rules ever since she joined the music industry. Be it writing and singing about the harsh reality of the world or dressing up wildly, she doesn’t seem to think twice. It’s almost like her personality reflects on her social media, she looks fun, amusing and lovable. So, here are the ten times Tove Lo was not afraid of being herself.

(Photos By Tove Lo’s Official Instagram)

By: Aatira Kakroo