9 Actors Who Were Supposed to Have Cameos in ‘Barbie’ But Didn’t

In the whirlwind of the 2023 phenomenon ‘Barbie,’ a myriad of iconic cameos graced the screen, yet some potential stars remained conspicuously absent from the lineup. Helmed by the visionary director Greta Gerwig, the film delves into the existential journey of the titular doll, Barbie, as she embarks on a quest to unearth her true purpose in the world.

Concurrently, Ken finds himself swayed by patriarchal ideologies, sparking tumultuous changes in Barbieland. Despite the movie’s resounding critical and commercial triumph, raking in a staggering $1.4 billion at the box office and garnering an array of prestigious awards, including 8 Academy Award nominations and 2 Golden Globe Awards, there were notable omissions in its star-studded roster.

While luminaries like John Cena, Kate McKinnon and Dua Lipa graced the screen with their presence, the absence of certain iconic figures arguably left a void, suggesting that their inclusion could have elevated ‘Barbie’ to even greater heights of spectacle and allure. Check out the actors who were supposed to have cameos in ‘Barbie’ but didn’t.

Saoirse Ronan
Timothée Chalamet
Ben Affleck
Bowen Yang
Dan Levy
Ben Platt
Jonathan Groff
Luke MacFarlane
Matt Bomer