A Taste of Stray Kids Through Every Era

Settling comfortably on the list of highly anticipated comebacks is the hit Kpop group, Stray Kids. The band’s agency, JYP Entertainment, put out a statement regarding this, “It’s true that Stray Kids is in the midst of preparing a new album.”

However, their agency added that no official date for this comeback has been confirmed.

Stray Kids recently created quite a splash with the release of their first studio album titled, “GO Live”. It made its landing on June 17, with ‘God’s Menu’ serving as the album’s title track. This album witnessed the boys experiment with some sleek trap mixes and unique melodies, not to mention a dark, quirky concept too.

And now, as the band prepares for their comeback, we figured it’d be the perfect time to look back on their finest album photoshoots. Each one is set to give you a solid taste of the variety of moods and themes the boys have dabbled with.

Photo Credits: Stray Kids Official Website

By: Nina Karun