A Walk Through the ‘Holy’ Era: A Bieber Lookbook

Justin Bieber in the 'Holy' era

On the heels of his brand new single, ‘Holy’, Justin Bieber has begun a new era in music. And, if the latest track is anything to go by, it will be a melodic arrangement of melodic, acoustic goodness. So, in that sense, entirely different from his ‘Changes’ era.

And, while every Bieber era gives us new music to jam out to and lyrics that catch on like fire, they also give us new looks. No, not just any looks; iconic visual moments from the Canadian superstar himself. And, if there’s one thing the star is known for apart from his honey vocals, it’s his alluring visuals. So, in celebration of ‘Holy’ and everything that is to come, here’s a walk through the new era in his discography.

Photo Credits: Bieber’s Official Instagram

By: Ahalya Narayanan