All You Need To Know; MAX

With every day that goes by, the music industry bears witness to a string of up and coming stars. Ones that are bubbling with potential and looking to carve out a niche space for their art. And one such musician is the American singer-songwriter, MAX.

The young star is gearing up to drop his brand new album, “Color Vision”, which arrives tomorrow, September 18. And prior to this release he also dropped his buzzing collaboration featuring Suga from BTS. The sugary sweet, gooey track is titled, ‘Blueberry Eyes’ and it also arrived with its very own aesthetic visualizer.

Now, we figured, before MAX drops his album, this is our chance to properly introduce you to him. So, pull up a chair because we’re dipping into every little detail about this rising star. So, without further ado, MAX, everyone…

Photo Credits: Max Official Instagram

A Deep Dive Into The Up & Coming MAX

By: Nina Karun