All You Need To Know; Meghan Trainor

If you asked us what the best gift we’ve ever received was. Our answer would be plain and simple: new music. And it looks like Meghan Trainor might just be filling in for Santa Claus this year, because she’s got a whole load of offerings for us.

The young star recently took to social media to reveal that she’s got a festive album in the works. Titled, ‘A Very Trainor Christmas’, it will make its landing on October 30th, not exactly Christmastime but close enough!

“NOTHING makes me happier than the holidays w my family!” Meghan wrote alongside a 10-second clip of her announcement, “This year has been difficult to say the least, so I’m tryna bring joy the best way I know how…with a Christmas album full of originals & classics!” And so, in light of this fantastic news, we figured we’d reacquaint you with this buzzing star. She’s made quite a name for herself in the pop music world and it’s only right that we fill you in on every itty bitty detail on her! So, without further ado, Meghan Trainor, everyone!

Photo Credits: Meghan Trainor Official Instagram

By: Nina Karun