All You Need To Know; Saweetie

Diamanté Quiava Valentin Harper, fondly known as Saweetie, was recently catapulted to fame with the release of her catchy hit, ‘Tap In’. A couple days ago, the young star opened up about the theme binding this track together and why it was so important to her. “It was a very sensitive time in America around the Black Lives Matter riots and protests. I wanted to have a message, and ‘tapping in’ doesn’t only mean to parties. It means tapping into the things you care about — and I care about change in my community and in the country.”

That being said, how well do you really know Saweetie? With her distinct rap style and charming persona, there’s no doubting that she’s going to make it really big in the industry. And while she’s on her steady rise, we figured we’d properly acquaint you with this buzzing star. So, pull up a chair because we’re diving into all things Saweetie!

Photo Credits: Saweetie Official Instagram

By: Nina Karun