Artist of The Week: Niall Horan

This time around, we welcome an Irishman under our artist of the week spotlight. The young Niall Horan rose to fame alongside his former bandmates of One Direction. After their split, it didn’t take long for the star to embark on his solo career. And in 2017, he finally dropped his debut studio album, “Flicker”. This record nursed gems like ‘This Town’ and ‘Slow Hands’ which went on to soar across charts world over.

Just this year, Niall once again basked under the spotlight with the release of his second studio album, “Heartbreak Weather”. While the star wasn’t able to to carry out promotions in full swing due to the global coronavirus pandemic, this record still witnessed raging success. And one powerful ingredient in Niall’s recipes seems to be his songwriting. A lot of the star’s tracks revolve around ideas of love, but perhaps what sets him apart is the fact that he’s able to perfectly capture small, sweet moments of intimacy. And his lyrics play a big part in this. From setting the mood to describing an everyday-love affair, he manages to always come through with an emotionally ripe masterpiece. And so, we’ve decided to dive into some of his gooiest, sugary bits of songwriting that read like romantic poetry – gentle yet all-consuming.

Photo Credits: Niall Horan Official Instagram

By: Nina Karun