Ava Max & Songwriting: Gems From ‘Heaven & Hell’

On 18th September, Ava Max made her landing with the debut studio album, “Heaven & Hell”. The project held a cocktail of powerful anthems, all boasting of Ava’s impressive range. And while the album continues to rake in new victories, the artist recently sat down to dish out her thoughts on this moment in her career.

Speaking of “Heaven and Hell,” Ava touched upon her experience of releasing an album bang in the midst of a global pandemic. “Seeing everybody, and how they’re affected by my music, is really inspiring. My fans inspire¬†me¬†when they tell me I inspire them with my lyrics! They’re inspiring me in so many different ways. So it makes me want to write more empowering lyrics, and more anthemic songs,” she explained. So, on that note, we figured we’d throw Ava’s ripest lyrics from this album under the microscope. While her songwriting tends to be very simplistic, perhaps that’s also what makes it so very relatable. Ava tells stories with her lyrics, ones that can rouse a swarm of emotions in listeners. And at the end of the day, if a piece of art can resonate with you, then it can certainly be deemed a success, right?

Photo Credits: Ava Max Official Instagram

By: Nina Karun