Big ‘Harry Potter’ Characters Who Weren’t in The Film Adaptations

Even a dozen years post the release of the final installment, ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2,’ the enduring affection for the Harry Potter franchise remains robust. Despite distancing themselves from the series’ contentious author, fans have sustained the franchise’s vitality. The majority of the fanbase holds a deep admiration for the Harry Potter film series, and rightfully so. These films exhibit exceptional craftsmanship, brimming with heart and soul that resonated with fans and critics worldwide.

However, like most adaptations from books to films, the Harry Potter series isn’t immune to discrepancies. The books introduce numerous characters omitted from the films, for better or worse. While some characters may seem inconsequential, merely contributing humour, others play pivotal roles by introducing crucial moments that enrich the plot and provide valuable context to various narrative points.

Charlie Weasley- Featured in: Books 5 & 7
The Gaunts- Featured in: Book 6
Frank and Alice Longbottom- Featured in Book 5
Ludovic Bagman- Featured in: Book 4
Phineas Black- Featured in: Books 5-7
Andromeda Tonks (Black)- Featured in: Books 5 & 7
Peeves the Poltergeist- Featured in: Books 1-7
Winky the House Elf- Featured in: Book 4
Marietta Edgecombe- Featured in: Books 5 & 6
Harry Potter’ Characters Who Weren't in The Film Adaptations
Professor Bins- Featured in: Books 1, 2, 4 & 5

– Farheen Ali