Britney Spears: Her 10 Most Risqué Moments

Britney Spears' Birthday

Britney Spears became a household name years ago. In fact, the star has been around longer than we can remember. From her unique voice to a slew of unforgettable, evergreen pop hits, Spears redefined music in her own way. And, the soundscape has never been the same.

If Britney Spears was a saying, she would be “everything I touch, turns into pop”. And, no doubt, that would be true, wouldn’t it? No one, as yet, has been able to occupy the space she does; her shoes in pop culture are unfillable, it would seem. And, it isn’t just the music. It’s the attitude, the charisma, the unapologetic celebrity of it all. Now, her style is a manifestation of it all. So, as she celebrates her birthday today, we’re taking a look at some of her most risque career moments. Check it out.

Risque Britney…