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BTS x ‘Dynamite’: The Best Gems Of This Era

After much anticipation and many glances at the clock, ‘Dynamite’ by BTS has finally landed in our laps. This lighthearted retro tune, accompanied by pastel coloured visuals is the perfect recipe for a meltdown. The good kind, of course.

Over the past two months, the band has treated us to a wide assortment of hints. They promised an all-English single that would find a warm spot to settle on their upcoming album, slated for release in the latter half of this year. But due to the global coronavirus pandemic, the boys wanted to reach their fans sooner in order to “share some positive energy“. And they’ve delivered on every front with ‘Dynamite’.

So, to celebrate the release of this track, we’re looking back on all the treats BTS dropped through the ‘Dynamite’ era. Their trail of teasers have left us waiting with bated breath, while also drooling over their incredibly charismatic photoshoots. So, here’s looking back on all those gorgeous gems.

Photo Credits: BTS Official Instagram

By: Nina Karun

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