Child Actors Who Made it in Hollywood

Imagine your childhood filled with early stints in front of the camera, capturing hearts with your innocence and talent. This is what child actors have excelled in and now they have become the backbone of Hollywood. The transition from child to adult roles is a precarious tightrope walk, and these young stars made it look easy. From Jodie Foster’s transformation from a child prodigy to an Oscar-winning actress to the indomitable Daniel Radcliffe, who waved a wand as Harry Potter before conquering the stage and screen with diverse roles, their stories are beyond impressive. Check out the most successful child actors below. 

Shirley Temple 

Judy Garland 

Elizabeth Taylor 

Christian Bale 

Leonardo DiCaprio

Selena Gomez

Ryan Gosling 

Drew Barrymore 

Saoirse Ronan

Daniel Radcliffe

Natalie Portman 

Emma Watson

Ethan Hawke

Scarlett Johansson 

Robert Downey Jr 

-Britney Jones