Chris Hemsworth’s Incredible Style Evolution

Prior to playing Thor, Chris Hemsworth dressed somewhat more like every other guy you met while studying overseas, just a hundred times more manly. While there were some difficulties in his development into the full-fledged movie star he is now, his dorky hats on occasion just make us like him more.

We call this, ‘Youth Hostel Chic.’ (2006)
Animals on clothing are okay sometimes. (2007)
Cleaned up, and wearing a polo with his grey suit. (2009)
Adding some interest to a monochrome burgundy look with a velvet vest and skinny tie. (2013)
Here’s when things started to get good. Like, really good. (2013)
The blue eyes are definitely hypnotizing.
The newsboy cap as style swerve can be done. Trust us. Just not like this. (2014)
Looks like the semi-formal drenched coat look is made for him. (2019) 
The bad-ass vibe and the look will make anyone go bonkers. (2020)
Saved the best for the last. Simple but effective! (2021)