Devon Aoki Ruled The 2000s With These Outfits

Devon Aoki’s outfits from the 2000s were iconic and unforgettable. As a supermodel and actress, she was known for her edgy, punk-inspired style that often incorporated bold prints, bright colours and daring cuts. Aoki’s unique style inspired many fashion trends of the early 2000s and continues to influence fashion today. Let’s have a look at some of the best outfits Aoki donned during the 2000s!

‘Bamboozled’ Premiere, 2000
Fendi shop opening in Paris, 2001
Ungaro 35th anniversary party, 2001
Chanel fine jewellery boutique event, 2002
‘Enough’ premiere, 2002
Lancôme skincare launch party, 2003

‘2 Fast 2 Furious’ premiere, 2003

GM’s ‘Ten’ Fashion Show, 2004
‘Point & Shoot’ premiere, 2004
‘D.E.B.S.’ premiere, 2005

–Riya Sohini