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Disney Movies And The Objects That Represent Them

Step into the enchanting world of Disney movies, where every tale is woven with threads of magic and wonder. Beyond the captivating characters and memorable plots, there’s a silent star stealing the spotlight, the iconic objects that define each story. From the shimmering glass slipper in ‘Cinderella’ to the mighty Genie’s lamp in ‘Aladdin,’ these objects aren’t just props; they’re symbols of dreams, courage, and the extraordinary. Check out the objects that represent the classic Disney movies. 

The apple in ‘Snow White’

The glass slipper in ‘Cinderella’ 

The rose in ‘Beauty and The Beast’ 

The genie’s lamp in ‘Aladdin’ 

The golden flower in ‘Tangled’

Zeus’ medal in ‘Hercules’

Captain Hook’s hook in ‘Peter Pan’

Andy’s signature on Woody’s boots in ‘Toy Story’

The Heart of Te Fiti in ‘Moana’

The bear totem in ‘Brother Bear’ 

-Britney Jones

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