Doja Cat’s Breathtaking Looks From Her Live Performances

Doja Cat has beautiful vocals but she has an even more impeccable taste in fashion. She continues to impress people with her music all around the world, but her bold choice in fashion leaves us all in awe of her. From her red carpet looks to her music videos, she doesn’t leave a single leaf unturned. Her performances are filled with energy, power, and an aesthetically pleasing stage presence. 

She is one of the most fascinating singer-rappers of our time, and her fashion choices continuously create history, and leave an indelible mark in our lives. Here are a few of her looks from her live performances that could compete with any red carpet look:

The white pants and a beige top, with a glove that contradicts her pants is a statement look that left people all over the world speechless. 
Doja Cat in this white, black and red outfit looks beyond beautiful. The gloves and the hairstyle add a fierce look to her outfit, and her overall performance. 
This dress has seen the most beautiful and graceful dance moves that Doja Cat has ever performed impromptu on stage. The rapper has beautifully put together an outfit with a bodysuit and pants that match her hair colour. 
This all black outfit makes her stand out, and complements the contrast she is creating between her hair and the costume.
Doja Cat’s statement accessory has to be her gloves, that match not just her dresses but the vibes of her songs too. However, Doja Cat’s hairstyle here steals the day. 
This pink furry costume with pink wavy hair, makes Doja Cat shine brighter than her costume.
Accessorizing costumes with matching gloves is a ‘Doja’ thing and we are all for it. This beautiful blue and orange dress is the star of the show. 
If there’s anything better than Doja in black, it’s Doja in all white. Her costume, shoes and the hair give major festive vibes.
 Doja Cat is many things, and one of them is graceful. This black dress with the waist chain, and the gloves make Doja look elegant and beautiful. 
Doja doesn’t fear an experiment, and when it comes to her costumes, she loves layering and contrasting. This dress is a beautiful example of that, but what completes this outfit is the black and pink hair along with her makeup in shades of pink.

—Riya Sohini