Every Shade of Ava Max Through The ‘Heaven & Hell’ Era

Today witnessed the arrival of Ava Max’s debut album, “Heaven & Hell” and boy, it’s been a treat from start to finish. The young star has been prepping for this project since 2018, when she put out her breakthrough hit, ‘Sweet But Psycho’. The track found a space on top of charts across the world and will also find a warm spot on “Heaven & Hell”.

The album itself nurses a good 15 tracks, some falling under the umbrella of ‘Heaven’ and others ‘Hell’. While the running theme is immediately associated with religious connotations, Ava clarified that it’s actually a comment on our emotional spectrum. From days where we see ourselves being gentle and sweet to days when we learn to embrace the darker sides to our personalities – “Heaven & Hell” tracks this contrast.

Ava traces this journey through her tracks and through the visuals she dropped along the way. Every teaser took a dip into a certain mood, some sparkly and airy while others dark and sinister. And so, we’ve decided to look back on all the gems Ava scattered in the lead up to the album’s release. So, brace yourselves, as we step into Ava’s world.

Photo Credits: Ava Max Official Instagram

By: Nina Karun