Everything We Know About BLACKPINK’s “The Album”

BLACKPINK'S "The Album" is almost here

Earlier today, BLACKPINK’s social media reflected an extremely surprising post – their full tracklist. Ahead of the release of their upcoming debut studio album, “The Album”, the girls gave fans a look at what’s to come. And, with no warning, some shocking news arrived.

“The Album” Teases Surprise After Surprise

For starters, there’s a BLACKPINK x Cardi B collaboration on its way. And, if that wasn’t enough, the tracklist revealed that members Jennie and Jisoo have official writing and production credits. In a first for the group, the members have actively participated in the making of the music.

And, fans couldn’t be more thrilled. In addition, other news about the upcoming tracks (including titles, and more), have been revealed. So, here’s everything you need to know about “The Album” and its upcoming release.

Photo Credits: BLACKPINK’S Official Social Media

By: Ahalya Narayanan