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Family Drama Shows You Have to Watch

Fans of ‘This Is Us’ are left yearning for more of the gripping story of the Pearson family after the show’s six seasons of poignant storytelling end. Don’t worry, there are plenty of engaging television shows to take your place in the wide and varied world of family drama. Undoubtedly, a number of the most enduring and highly regarded dramas center on the intricacies of familial relationships. These series span generations and have a profound emotional impact on viewers, acting as a beacon of drama and intrigue.

From the dysfunctional antics of beloved shows like ‘Shameless’ to the depiction of typical American homes, these television programs are endowed with compassion, humour and most importantly, dependability.

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Here is a list of family drama shows you have to watch.

‘Empire’ (2015-2020)
‘Queen Sugar’ (2016-2022)
‘Parenthood’ (2010-2015)
‘Switched At Birth’ (2011-2017)
‘Brothers & Sisters’ (2006-2011)
‘Six Feet Under’ (2001-2005)
‘Party Of Five’ (1994-2000)
‘The Fosters’ (2013-2018)
‘United States Of Tara’ (2009-2011)
‘Shameless’ (2011-2021)

– Farheen Ali 

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