From ‘Haikyuu’ to ‘Blue Lock,’ These Are The Best Sports Anime

If you’ve ever wondered where epic showdowns, intense rivalries and breathtaking sports action meet the anime world, look no further. We’re diving headfirst into the exciting realm of sports anime. It’s like the Olympics but with more over-the-top moves and drama than a reality TV show. From the fast-paced courts of ‘Kuroko’s Basketball’ to the adrenaline-fuelled matches in ‘Haikyuu,’ sports anime hits the bullseye for fans of both athleticism and drama. Check out the best sports anime below.

‘Ping Pong The Animation’


‘Kuroko no Basket’

‘Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story’

‘Blue Lock’

‘Slam Dunk’


’Free! Iwatobi Swim Club’

‘Yuri on Ice’

‘The Prince of Tennis’

‘Hajime no Ipo’

-Britney Jones