Goa Carnival 2022 Was Lit!

This year’s Goa Carnival from 26th February to 1st March was an absolute blast! Thousands of people turned up to see the Carnival parade in Panaji, which was kicked off by King Momo. While the floats were fewer in number and smaller than in previous years, the crowd’s enthusiasm was contagious as local families, tourists and expats flocked to Panaji for the first day of the Carnival.

Many Goans and tourists attended the Samba Square festival in Panaji which is part of the Goa Carnival. The four-day gala event featured performances by Goa’s greatest bands and musicians, including Lorna, who wowed the crowd on day one with her Konkani hits. Several other bands, including Lynx, Crimson Tide, Brothers in Arms, Uzo, Forefront, and others, also performed in the days that followed. 

IndigoMusic.com was the official radio station of Goa Carnival 2022. Our RJs and listeners soaked up the excitement and festive spirit. Here are some pictures to relive the carnival frenzy.

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Image Courtesy: Holidify