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H.E.R & Songwriting: Wielding Power with Words

The R&B superstar, H.E.R, just created quite the splash in the music scene after the release of her moody new track, ‘Damage’ and subsequent Saturday Night Live debut. For starters, ‘Damage’ proved to be quite the auditory treat, fueled by powerful lyrics and boasting of the young star’s impressive range.

During her Saturday Night Live run, H.E.R debuted a new song ‘Hold On’, donning a black t-shirt emblazoned with “#ENDSARS”. The artist has always been extremely politically aware and her move to support the current #EndSARS protests, comes in light of the citizens of Nigeria calling for an end to police brutality in the country.

So, circling back to all the chat surrounding H.E.R, we figured we’d show you exactly how talented this young woman is by throwing some of her most poignant bits of songwriting under the microscope. A lot of her music is defined by its strong lyrical content and we’re giving you a taste of just that.

Photo Credits: H.E.R Official Instagram

H.E.R & The String of Lyrical Gems

By: Nina Karun

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