Halsey & “Badlands”: The Start of a Phenomenal Journey

Today, Halsey celebrates a very special event and it’s the anniversary of her debut album, “Badlands”. It’s been a whopping five years since the record made its explosive landing. And taking the festivities one step forward, Halsey announced a little gift for her fans on social media. The young star plans to release her first live record, “Badlands: Live From Webster Hall”, tomorrow, August 28.

Her charming little message on Instagram read, “Secret is out! After 5 years, we’re going back to the Badlands. This Friday, August 28th, I am excited to share my very first ever live album: Badlands (Live From Webster Hall).” Now, “Badlands” gave birth to some brilliant tunes like ‘Colours’, ‘Ghost’, ‘Castle’ and a string of other gems. Halsey for one has grown a lot since those early days. She’s learnt to tackle a wide spectrum of themes across her impressive catalogue of tracks. And over the years, she’s managed to weave every difficult emotion and mood perfectly into her songwriting practices. She’s dabbled with a few different genres over the years, proving her ability to master them with ease. In fact, her latest record, “Manic” saw her experiment with Country, pop, funk and more.

So, to celebrate her growth as a musician over the past few years, we’re looking at her impressive list of accolades. The star’s managed to bag some phenomenal chart wins and she’s also got a good few awards under her belt. So, we’re going to walk you through some of the brightest moments of her career…

Photo Credits: Halsey Official Instagram

By: Nina Karun