Ice Cube & His Rad Songwriting Will Shake You

Ice Cube, the American Rapper was ridiculed by Saturday Night Live event, recently. And, it looks like the rapper has been offended by it. It wasn’t long ago that Cube decided to meet with Mr Donald Trump for his “Platinum Plan” for black people residing in America. This controversial meeting led to him being trolled.

During the SNL sketch, Jim Carey plays Joe Biden, the nominee from the Democratic Party and Ice Cube and Lil Wayne are also part of it. During the sketch, it’s clear that Cube and Wayne are opting to vote for Trump. This act forced the “Dope Man” rapper to comment on it.

Well, it’s not the first time Ice Cube has been out there, speaking his truth. Even in his music, you can sense his opinions and thoughts. Be it about being a gangsta or standing up for the community, he’s voicing it all out.

As he continues to do so, we want to show the ten times his songwriting was so rad that it proved that he’s the real gangsta in the hood.

(Photos by Ice Cube’s Official Instagram Account)

Are You Ready For It?

By: Aatira Kakroo