Jack Harlow! The Heartthrob of The Gen-Z Clan

He has the curls and the blue eyes. He has the charm and wit, a package full of surprises. To put it in a more fun way, Jack Harlow is a recipe with all the perfect ingredients.

He is the heartthrob of the Gen-Z clan. Scroll down to know why! 

He aced the blended look of the 90’s vintage and the trending look.
Sporty Look! Oof cannot handle it!!
The sun is hitting on him!
Mindblowing is an understatement! Straight up speechless!
How many colours are too many colours?
Here’s a question, which snack are you most interested in?
Seems like even in the darkness he will come out shining!
Hello to the upcoming fashion sensation. Chic!
Killer formal looks