Juice Wrld: The Best Lyricists Of All Time


The world isn’t the same without Juice Wrld! Well, though you’re not here with us, we can’t stop listening to your music. In the wake of your posthumous release – “Legends Never Die”, one thing is clear: you were a lot more than just rapper.

Exploring anxiety, the push and pull of depression and fully giving himself to music, Juice WRLD remains one of the most poignant lyricists out there. In fact, just before his passing, a number of musicians even pointed out that he was so close to making his big break in the music industry.

But coming back to his lyrics, living intuitively will teach you a lot. Juice WRLD was his most raw and vulnerable self, even under the bright lights of fame. He never shied away from sharing his thoughts, and his most recent release is proof of just that.

Open your heart out to Juice WRLD once again, for here are some words to live by.

Photo Credit: All photos taken from artists’ official Instagram

The Best Of Them All

By: Aatira Kakroo