Kylie And Stormi Giving us Major Mother-Daughter Goals

The Kardashians have ruled over the internet and our hearts for about two decades now, and we saw Kylie grow from a young kid to an amazing mother. Kylie loves Stormi, and leaves no stone unturned to show her affection via Instagram posts, her brand and their collective mother-daughter fashion sense. There have been multiple instances where Kylie dressed up Stormi just like her, and that is exactly what we bring to you today:

Kylie and Stormi in green attires definitely stand out!
Kylie and Stormi in brown overcoats
The blue sea behind Kylie and Stormi in blue dresses is a binding view. 
The festive season is here, and Kylie will not let the opportunity go. Both Kylie and Stormi dressed up in matching pyjama set to pose in front of the Christmas tree. 
Not only does Kylie match the colours of their outfits, but the design, the texture and the style too. 
This sparkling pink has to be our favourite one with the mother and daughter wearing two clips in their hair in the exact same position.  
Kylie takes it one step further and gets Stormi and herself some matching bikini for a pool day.
Red is the colour of love, and Kylie and Stormi are in love with each other. It shows!
Another set of matching pyjamas for the house, which goes on to show that Kylie isn’t just doing it for an audience, but for her daughter. 
Children love sparkle! No wonder Stormi and Kylie rock this silver sparkly look. 

–Riya Sohini