Liked ‘Baki’? Then Add These to Your List

In the vast landscape of anime, where the thrill of combat takes center stage, few series can match the pulse-pounding energy of the critically acclaimed Netflix gem, ‘Baki’. Known for its explosive fight scenes, unapologetic intensity, and characters whose muscles practically have their own fanbase, ‘Baki Hanma’ has carved its place as a champion in the hearts of anime enthusiasts. The show has sparked a fervent following hungry for its unique blend of martial arts battles, unwavering determination, and an unfiltered narrative approach. If you liked ‘Baki,’ then add the below anime to your list.

Tekken: Bloodline
Kengan Ashura
Dragon Ball Z
Record of Ragnorok
Tenjo Tenge
Yu Yu Hakusho
Megalo Box
The God of High School
Hajima no Ippo