Minor Characters in ‘Friends’ Who Are Unforgettable

In the world of ‘Friends,’ it wasn’t just about the iconic six. Sometimes, the guest stars rolled in and stole the spotlight. From A-listers joining in for a wild ride with the gang to playing the quirky friend, family member or love interest, ‘Friends’ had a knack for recruiting the big shots. 

What made it even better? The laughs weren’t just scripted; they often pulled jokes from the guest stars’ real lives and careers. While the main crew rocked the sitcom stage, these funny guests sometimes stole the scene, bringing a fresh buzz to the gang’s world. Because in the ‘Friends’ universe, it’s not just about the main cast, those guest stars left us with moments that stick around long after the sitcom’s final bow. Check out the minor characters in ‘Friends’ who are unforgettable below. 

Jon Favreau as Pete Becker

Winona Ryder as Melissa Warburton

Brad Pitt as Will Colbert

Bruce Willis as Paul Stevens 

Isabella Rossellini as herself

Julia Roberts as Susie Moss

Alec Baldwin as Parker

Danny DeVito as Roy, the Stripper 

Billy Crystal and Robin Williams as Tim and Tomas, respectively 

Lisa Kudrow as Ursula 

-Britney Jones