MONSTA X Brings the Heat: The Best ‘Fatal Love’ Looks

MONSTA X looks stunning in new photos

K-Pop boy group, MONSTA X, just came back with a brand new album -“Fatal Love”. And, accompanying the release was the music video for their title track, ‘Love Killa’. This one is a hard-hitting, sensual visualiser that is sure to steal hearts of fans world over.

Now, any seasoned fan of K-Pop knows: the music is just one part of the comeback. Along with the music, choreography and performances, fans look forward to era-defining looks and style changes that groups go through. And, MONSTA X is no exception. So, complete with moody lighting, stunning makeup and charismatic posing, here are the best looks from their ‘Fatal Love’ era.

Photo Credit: MONSTA X Official Twitter

By: Ahalya Narayanan