Monsta X is Holding Our Hearts

Just last year, Monsta X finally reached the global stage with their chart topping track, ‘Who Do You Love’ featuring French Montana. Since then, the boys have been on a winning streak. They went on to release their debut All-English album titled, ‘All About Luv’ which witnessed yet another chart-dominator – ‘You Can’t Hold My Heart’. Unlike their previous sultry number, this one’s took things down a notch, but once again swept the world of its feet with their catchy melodies. Not long after the release of this track, the boys even went on to perform it live on the Kelly Clarkson Show, making them the first Kpop act to do so. And now, without leaving us with a minute to breathe, they’re already out with ‘Fantasia’ – the 7-track mini album. So, on that note, we thought we’d look back on some of their finest album photoshoots. 

Photo Credit: Monsta X Official Instagram Page

By: Nina Karun