Movies Based on True Stories 

In Hollywood, the line between truth and fiction often blurs. When a movie claims to be “based on a true story” or “inspired by real events,” the facts can be as scarce as a needle in a haystack. Audiences have learned to roll with it, understanding that movies aren’t meant to be documentaries.

But now and then, they manage to toe the line. These films range from Oscar-winning dramas chronicling history-altering events to gripping crime sagas, eccentric character studies, and mind-boggling tales so surreal, you’d think they were fiction if it weren’t for the undeniable truth behind them. Check out the best movies based on true stories below. 

All The President’s Men


The Social Network

Schindler’s List


Dog Day Afternoon

Can You Forgive Me 

Into The Wild

The Insider




-Britney Jones