Offset With His Glass Shattering Songwriting

Offset has gotten the world to move on his beats ever since he stepped into the music world. Be it his interesting choice of themes in his tracks or his persona that comes out of them. Fans have been loving the American rapper and singer for all that he puts out in the public, undoubtedly.

Offset has managed to get people to by-heart the verses of his tracks which connect with them. Be it being part of the Migos music band or running solo, he’s killed it. Some of his hits include his 2012 hit, ‘Versace’, ‘Young Rich Nation’, ‘Clout’ and more.

Just to celebrate this wonderful human being and also his music, here are the ten times his songwriting broke the glass ceilings.

(Photos by Offset’s Official Instagram)

Offset’s Best SongWriting

By: Aatira Kakroo