See Every ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Who Played Doctors on Screen 

Patrick Dempsey, crowned this year’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive,’ captivated hearts not just with his charm but also with his iconic portrayal of Dr. Derek Shepherd on ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ In the illustrious company of past ‘Sexiest Men Alive,’ Dempsey’s 11-season stint in the medical drama adds another dose of allure to the onscreen doctor’s club. From the operating room to the heartstrings, check out every ‘Sexiest Man Alive,’ who played onscreen doctors. 

Patrick Dempsey in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Denzel Washington in ‘Mr. Elsewhere’

Paul Rudd in ‘The Shrink Nextdoor’

Brad Pitt in a ‘Saturday Night Live (SNL)’ skit

George Clooney in ‘ER’

Matthew McConaughey in ‘The Wedding Planner’

Richard Gere in ‘Dr. T and The Woman’

Harrison Ford in ‘The Fugitive’ 

Pierce Brosnan in ‘False Positives’

Hugh Jackman in ‘The Fountain’

Tom Cruise in ‘Eyes Wide Shut’

Ryan Reynolds in ‘Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place’

Patrick Swayze in ‘City of Joy’ 

-Britney Jones