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Artist of the Week: Lorde

As Lorde settles comfortably on our artist of the week throne, we can’t help but itch for new music from the young star. A couple months ago, Lorde did promise to make her return to the music scene with a string of new tunes.

She made the announcement in quite the charming manner: by sending fans a personal email stating that she’s been cookin’ something up in the studios with Producer, Jack Antonoff. And while we wait for those treats to land, we’ve still got to celebrate her ascension of the throne!

Now, Lorde is known for her distinct, moody tones. But what gives her music that extra flavor are her brilliant lyrics. Lorde’s able to master the art of presenting both simple and complex emotions with the strangest allusions. Her songs tell tales of dreams and palaces, of gore and glory – but when you read between the lines, you’ll find that under all her fantastical imagery, there are raw, authentic experiences. Her songs demand a bit of digging, a double-read and that’s what allows them to sneak between your ribs and settle deep in your heart. Read on and you’ll see what we mean.

Photo Credits: Getty Images

By: Nina Karun

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