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Taylor Swift & “Folklore”: A Tale of Victory

Taylor Swift’s “Folklore” has brought home yet another phenomenal feat.  The young star has just scored her 39th total week at No. 1 on the Billboard Artist 100 chart and her latest release has clearly had a strong hand to play in this win.

And in the meantime, 10 songs from  “Folklore” continue to chart on the Billboard Hot 100. Now, “Folklore” made its landing on 24th July and has skyrocketed through the charts ever since. Taking into consideration that Taylor didn’t carry out any promotional activity for the album, makes its chart wins even more impressive. Additionally, to see the star step away from her usual pop bangers and delve more into the country-folk genre not only highlights her versatility – but also shows us that there’s no telling what will click with fans and the charts. Either way, we couldn’t be prouder.

And so, to understand the enormity of “Folklore’s” wins, we’re going to run you through them. So, take a seat, this class is in session.

Photo Credit: Taylor Swift Official Instagram

By: Nina Karun

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