The Best Agatha Christie Movie Adaptations

Agatha Christie, the queen of crime novels, is a literary legend with over 125 works, including 74 novels, that have collectively sold more than two billion copies. Hollywood caught on early, with the first Agatha Christie movie hitting screens in 1928, followed by a wave of adaptations globally. Among the 30-plus film adaptations, 14 have been in languages other than English, highlighting the universal appeal of Christie’s tales. Today, her mysteries still hold sway, whether on the small screen or the big screen, with new Agatha Christie movies keeping the intrigue alive. Check out the best Agatha Christie movie adaptations below. 

Murder on The Orient Express 

Death on The Nile 

Witness the Prosecution 

A Haunting in Venice

The Mirror Crack’d

And Then There Were None

Murder, She Said 

Evil Under The Sun

Ten Little Indians 

-Britney Jones